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Courses Taught

Undergraduate & Graduate Seminars

Power & Power Cycles

International Relations Theory

International Political Economy

IPE: North-South Relations

Political Economy & Security

Workshop in International Security & Political Economy


Undergraduate Lecture courses

International Politics of Economic Relations

International Politics: State Behavior

Rise of the Industrial State

American Foreign Policy

Causes of Major War: World War I

Approaches to IPE

The Art of Exchange: Medici Money and Its Legacy

Globalization and U.S. Foreign Economic Policy

IPE: North-South Relations

IPE: Monetary Relations


Winner of the McGill Political Science Students Association Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2016.

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Supervision of Students

Graduate Supervision

Doctoral Students

Elena Mandalenakis “Recognizing Identity: The Creation of New States in the Former Yugoslavia” (Winter 2007) [formerly a course lecturer at University of Thessaloniki]

Pierre Pahlavi “Mass Diplomacy: Foreign Policy in the Global Information Age” (co-supervised -- Fall 2004) [currently on staff at Canadian Forces College]

Brian Greene “State Identity, Foreign Policy, and Norm Diffusion: Towards Humanitarian Intervention” (Winter 2004) [works in the Strategic Analysis Division, Canadian Department of National Defence]

Chansoo Cho “Making Embedded Liberalism Work”  (Fall 2002) [currently on staff at Kangnam University, Korea]

Jan Erk “A Theory of Congruence: Federalism and Institutional Change” (co-supervised - Fall 2001) [currently on staff at Leiden University]

Shawn Donnelly “Explaining Commitments to the European Central Bank” (Summer 1999) [currently on staff at University of Twente]

Allan Castle “Collusion and Challenge: Major Wars, Domestic Coalitions and Revisionist States” (Winter 1997) [intelligence analyst, consultant for law enforcement]

Masters Supervision

Juliette Bronchtein "Giving In is not always Giving Up: A Theory of Rational Appeasement" (Summer 2017)

David Lowe "Explaining Variation in Middle Powers' Foreign Policies" (Summer 2016)

Amy Pryhoda "Ethiopia and Somalia, 2006: A Case Study" (Winter 2016)

Thomas Conley "Has the War Powers Resolution Made a Difference?" (Summer 2015) [Maine International Trade Center]

Sharna Dey "Nuclear Proliferation and International Stability" (Winter 2015) [Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada]

Kathleen Smith "High North, High Tension? The Place of Permanent Participants within the Arctic Council" (Winter 2015)

Lukasz Kozinski “Constant Protectionism in the Financial Meltdown” (Fall 2011) [entered professional school]

Michael Shortt “Arms Racing, Coercion and War” (Summer 2009) [entered McGill Law]

Vincent Arel-Bundock “Explaining the Proliferation and Design of International Investment Agreements” (Summer 2009) [completed University of Michigan Ph.D. program, currently on staff at Universite de Montreal]

Beatrice Marry “Towards Greater Gender Equality?  An Examination of Gender Equity Policy in the EU’s Labour Market” (Winter 2009) [assistant at the European Commission]

Richard Delisle “Britain and the ESDP” (Summer 2006) [journalist]

Christine Lemieux “La cooperation politique bilaterale entre le Canada et les Etats-Unis dans le secteur energetique” (Summer 2006) [Policy Analyst, Canadian Space Agency]

Nicole Baerg “Shocks from the System: Remodeling Exchange Rate Regime Choice in Latin America and the Caribbean 1960-1995” (Winter 2006) [completed Ph.D. at Emory University; currently on post-doc at University of Mannheim]

Scott Boorne “On the Political Economy of Free Trade in the Americas” (Winter 2006)

Cesi Cruz “Follow the Leader: Unilateralism and Cooperation in Military Alliances” (Winter 2006) [completed Ph.D. at UC San Diego; currently on staff at UBC]

Edwin Kosobucki “Hedging Risk: Hedge Funds and the Politics of Regulation” (Spring 2006)

Elia Petridou “Bestriding the World” (Fall 2005) [Board Member, Future Worlds Center]

David Shulman “Liberal Theories of Overstretch and US Foreign Policy 2001-2005” (Fall 2005)

Jeremy Vanhooren “Temps et espace de la puissance” (Spring 2004) [entered Science Po; currently with French Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

Jodi Latham “National Accountability: the Solution for Achieving Sustainable Social and Economic Development” (Winter 2004) [entered LSE doctoral program in development studies]

Louis-Blaise Dumais-Levesque “Institutions as Global Goods: Hegemonic Stability Theory, Polarity and Cooperation” (Winter 2004) [entered University of Virginia’s doctoral program]

Anne-Marie Durocher “Commitments Abroad: Overstretch or Overreaction?” (Winter 2004) [entered University of Virginia’s doctoral program; currently senior analyst for McGill University]

Sevinc Tykendor “The Collapse of the ‘Asian Miracle’: The Premature Liberalization Process” (Spring 2002)

Rick Sudeyko “The Asian Financial Crisis: Lesson Learned” (Spring 2002) [worked for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade]

Julia Gray “Transnational Migration in the Modern World” (Summer 2001) [attended McGill Law]

Bertrand Viala “Transatlantic Trade Conflicts: An Opportunity of Self-Assertion for the EU” (Summer 2000) [consultant on emerging markets]

Jürgen Lichem “The Establishment of International institutions and Multilateral Governance over Human Rights and Environmental and Natural Resources” (Fall 1999) [professional baseball player]

Henry Lovat “Explaining Norm Operation: International Criminal Tribunals and Multilateral Military Humanitarian Intervention” (Summer 1999) [attended law school, reentered academia]

Matthias Behnke “Interests, Externalities and Norms” (Summer 1998) [Human Rights Officer, Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights]

Manuel Mulas “Antitrust, Cooperation and the Global Economy” (Summer 1998) [Consular Policy Officer, Canadian High Commission; currently works for Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development]

Sadéka Hédaraly “Looming Collisions of capitalism? International Security after the Cold War” (Summer 1997) [attended McGill Law]

Marco Maertens “European Integration and Sub-State Nationalism: Flanders, Scotland and the EU (Summer 1997) [software developer]

Claudine Poirier “In Between War and Peace” (Fall 1996)

Steve Breton “Imperial Sunset: Grand Strategies of Hegemons in Relative Decline” (Fall 1996) [officer in U.S. military]

Rania Bihkazi “Gulf Cooperation Council: A Sincere Effort Aimed at Coordinating Development” (Winter 1996) [works for the International Labour Organization]

Lise Boisvert “Hautes Perfomances Asiatiques” (Fall 1995) [worked for ICAO]

Colleen Thouez “The Evolution of the Refugee Regime” (Summer 1995) [Head of UN Institute for Training & Research; formerly Senior Policy Advisor, Global Commission in International Migration]

Jonathan Feldman “FDI in the OECD Area: Employment Effects and Policy Prescriptions” (Fall 1996) [attended law school]

Sarah Laugier Rosselot “The Policy of Sector-Specific Aggressive Bilateralism with Japan”  (Fall 1994)

David Felsen (Summer 1994) [currently on staff at Alliant International University]

Anne-Catherine Higham “Dangerous Liaisons: Aid and Dependence in International Relations” (Winter 1994) 

Louise Miller “The Proliferation of Conventional Weapons in Central American” (Fall 1993)

Emil Pellicer “The Role of Non-Hegemonic Leadership in Regime Creation and Maintenance” (Winter 1992)

Graduate Independent Reading & Research Courses

Mohammad Nabi Nur (2017-2018)

Erik Underwood "Military Innovation and its Effect on Grand Strategy" (2016-2017)

Felicia Mazzarello "Justin Trudeau: The Birth of a new Canadian Foreign Policy" (2016-2017)

Niels Appeldorn "The different effects of natural resources on internal conflict" (2015-2016)

Juliette Bronchtien "Practical Consequences of the War Powers Resolution; The 1973 Legacy" (2015-2016)

Nhu Truong "International Relations Theory" (2014-2015)

Sharna Dey "Conflict Fatigue and the Politics of Humanitarian Financing"  (2014-2015)

Sebastien Chessex "International Relations Theory" (2014-2015)

Erin Cully “The origins of financial hegemony: the late Carter years” (2012-2013)

Marigona Uka “German Unilateralism in the Recognition of Slovenian and Croatian Independence” (2010-2011)

Lukasz Kozinski “International Political Economic Perspective on the EU” (2009-2010)

Steve Loleski “The Evolution of Realism” (2008-2009) 

Sonia Aguiar “New Approaches in International Political Economy” (2007-2008)

Richard Delisle “Anglo-French Cooperation and European Security and Defense Policy” (2006-2007)

Edwin Kosobucki “International Monetary Relations” (2004-2005)

Kinga Grudzinski “Dispute Settlement Mechanisms under NAFTA” (2004-2005)

Nicole Baerg “Current Theories of Monetary Relations” (2004-2005)

Claudia Paradis “Recent Work in International Political Economy” (2003-2004)

Cesi Cruz “Models of Leadership in International Political Economy” (2003-2004)

Louis-Blaise Dumais Levesque “Power Transition Theory and China” (2002-2003)

Anne- Marie Durocher “Trade, Alliances and Leadership” (2002-2003)

Imad Mansour “Recent Developments in International Political Economy” (2001-2002)

Bill Hogg “EMU and Central Bank Independence” (1998-1999)

Henry Lovat “Institutionalism, Constructivism, and Cooperation” (1998-1999)

Matthias Behnke “International Norms and a Comparison of the Institutionalization of Human Rights/UNHRC” (1996-1997)

Sadéka Hédaraly “Relative versus Absolute Gains in International Relations” (1995-1996)

Jonathan Feldman “OECD Policies on Foreign Direct Investment” (1995-1996)

Claudine Poirier “The Interaction of Issue-Areas and Policy Choices” (1995-1996)

Lise Boisvert “Using Export-Oriented Industrialization: Brazil and South Korea” (1994-1995)

Heather Hinkson “Gender and Refugee Law” (1994-1995)

Claudine Poirier “Hegemonic Cycles” (1994-1995)

Susanne Weisemann “Structuration and Actor Interests” (1994-1995)

Kelly Saunders “Overview of INternational Political Economy” (1994-1995)

Nathalie Charland “mixing Economic Reforms and Democratization” (1993-1994)

David Felsen “The Impact of the Cold War on Domestic Politics” (1993-1994)

David Ainsworth “North-South Relations” (1993-1994)

Anne-Catherine Higham “Good-Governance as an Issue in Canadian Aid Policy” (1992-1993)

Lilliana Riga “Political and Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe”  (1992-1993)

Sauvé Scholars

Jiang Yimin (2011-2012)

Giovanni Gabassi (2008-2009)

Xiaoli Pan (2007-2008)

Fulbright Scholars

Sumon Dantiki (2004-2005)

Joelle Schmitz (2002-2003)


Undergraduate Supervision

Undergraduate Independent Reading & Research, IDS Honours, and Honours Theses

Amory Beldock "Russia’s Return: A Neoclassical Realist Approach " (2016-2017)

Natalie Wong "America, the war on terror, and global hegemony" (2015-2016)

Abhinav Gupta "Trust Issues: Could China Viably Sustain the Renminbi as an International Reserve Currency?" (2015-2016)

Marie-Adelaide Bullukian "Why are some Sectors heard on Trade? Industry Composition and CETA" (2015-2016)

Gerald Sigrist "West-Russia Trade: An Instrument of Power?" (2015-2016)    

Aula Arbana  "China's Rise and American Decline" (2014-2015)

Juliette Bronchtein "Reconsidering Appeasement" (2014-2015)

Louise Guerner  "The Politics of Trade: U.S. Manufacturing Intra-Industry Firm Heterogeneity" (2014-2015)

Nida Nizam "International Development for International Security" (2014-2015)

Frieder Mitsch "Veto Players in East European Democracies" (2014-2015)

Giselle Naimi "Iranian-American Diplomacy and the Threat of Aggression"  (2014-2015)

Valerie Weber  "Drones, War Prolongation, and America's War on Terror"  (2013-2014)

Jade Chong-Smith“Quenching China's Growing Thirst: Chinese Hydropolitics and Water Management”  (2012-2013)  [entered Yale Law School]

Murtaza Shamboorha “Indian Grand Strategy: A Neoclassical Realist Perspective” (2012-2013)

Emily Nedwinek “50 Pages Later: Intelligence Analysis in the Zombie Apocalypse”  (2012-2013)

Anouk Chevalier Plante “China’s Love-Hate Relationship with Rogue States: A Domestic Affair”  (2011-2012)

Tanveer Mann “Is the U.S Hypocritical in Its Dealings with other States?”  (2011-2012)

Julia Sherman “Banks, Bureaucrats and Beliefs: the Political Economy of the 2008 Financial Crisis” (2011-2012)

Courtney Graham “Reimagining the Global Investment Regime” (2010-2011)

Yanick Touchette “Post-OECD Poverty incidence in Chile: Learning from previous policies” (2010-2011)

Sarah Kerr “Relieving the US-Mexican Border: Examining the Pressures and Possibilities Surrounding the World’s Foremost Hyper Border” (2010-2011)

Genevieve Theodorakis “International Sources of Chinese and Indian Economic Development” (2009-2010)

Alexandra Swann “Challenges Facing Cooperation on Climate Change” (2008-2009)

Brent Fairbairn “China’s Search for Resources and Its Impact on Africa” (2008-2009)

Alexandra Mandrich “Evolution of the International Financial Architecture” (2007-2008)

Lindsay Tam “Globalization and the Politics of Identity” (2007-2008)

Kelsey Skromeda “The Rise and Ramifications of the New Left in Latin America” (2007-2008)

Tamara Ramusevic “Sustaining Liberal Trade Policies in Poland and Hungary: Did Institutions Matter?” (2007-2008)

Robert Yelavitch “China’s Rise: A Path to International Economic Conflict” (2007-2008)

Olga Blyumin “Russia’s Political Economy” (2006-2007)

Michelle Segal “South African Trade Policy” (2006-2007)

Michael Shortt “A Contribution to the Study of Coercive International Relations” (2006-2007)

Emilie Beauchamp “Ethnic Mobilization and Conflict: An Overview” (2006-2007)

Sandrine Boisson “Microfinance in Haiti: the Need for Proper Government Involvement towards Development Objectives” (2006-2007)

Zeynep Colpan “Turkish Women and EU Accession” (2006-2007)

Ayako Komine “Russia’ Foreign Economic Policies” (2006-2007)

Christina Strong “Microfinance in Africa” (2005-2006)

Arnav Manchanda “Issues Surrounding the U.S. Occupation of Iraq” (2004-2005)

Daphne Ferguson “Democratic Participation in NAFTA Panels” (2004-2005)

Andrew Bauer “Conditions and the Success of Development Aid” (2004-2005)

Jennifer Famery “Relations between Europe and the U.S.” (2003-2004)

David Steinberg “The Political Economy of Trade Legislation” (2002-2003)

Cesi Cruz “Cooperation and Coordination in International Finance” (2002-2003)

Clara Peron “Afterglow and the demand for International Leadership” (2001-2002)

Daniel Poon 

Shahrzad Sabet “The Politics of Trade and Factor Flows” (2001-2002)

Nick Stephanopolous “America’s Multilateral Interventions Since 1990” (2000-2001)

Karim Marcos “FDI and Turkey’s Admission to the EU” (1999-2000)

Donna Aronson “China and Future Hegemonic Rivalry” (1998-1999)

Vahid Fotuhi “China and the Asian Balance of Power” (1998-1999)

Liz Gomery “Russia and the G7 Summits” (1997-1998)

Matthew Young “Dependency and Development in Taiwan” (1997-1998)

Andrew MacDonald “NGOs’ Responses to a Changing Budgetary Environment” (1995-1996)

Julie Dermine “Debt Cycles” (1995-1996)

Jillian Zelmanovits “Sources for European Integration” (1994-1995)

Diana Metzen “Regional Trade Blocs” (1994-1995)

Sadéka Hédaraly “Regional Trade Blocs” (1994-1995)

Andrew MacDonald “The Advantages of NGOs over GOs” (1994-1995)

Mark Luz “Sovereignty as a Flexible Concept” (1994-1995)

Ross Deboni “Central Banks’ Role in Foreign Monetary Policy of Developing Countries” (1994-1995)

Heidi Rubin “Long Cycles” (1993-1994)

Alexia Garamfalvi “Ideology and Economic Nationalism in Hungary: 1848 -Present” (1993-1994)

Melanie Devoe “Policies of the IMF and IBRD” (1993-1994)

Paula Jeanbart “Europe’s Role in the GATT” (1992-1993)

Tamis Oshiro “Current Issues in the Politics of Trade” (1992-1993)

Anthony O’Sullivan “The Uruguay Round Negotiations” (1992-1993)

Vandana Patel “Crises with German Unification” (1992-1993)

Barry Levitt “Sustainable Development” (1992-1993)

Vivian Wecselman “East Asian NICs and the Sources of Development” (1992-1993)

Barbara Kotschwar “Lessons from the creation of the Fed for EMU” (1992-1993)

Dan Ilany “Hegemonic Stability and the Future of Regimes” (1992-1993)

Anna DiSessa “The Yen as a New Key Currency” (1992-1993)

Paulo Biljezekian “Issues in International Banking” (1992-1993)

Barbara Petterson “East Asia, the USSR and the Sequence of Development” (1991-1992)

Elaine Rosenberg “Problems with Hegemonic Stability Theory” (1991-1992)

Bettina Buss “Problems with Hegemonic Stability Theory” (1991-1992)

Mauro Cecshin “Current Issues in Trade” (1991-1992)

Stephen Salewicz “Policy Lesson from the Experience of the East Asian NICs” (1991-1992)

Sean Kozey “Regulating MNCs for Environmental Purposes” (1991-1992)

Christian Dinwoodie “Improving Success Rates in the Use of Economic Sanctions” (1991-1992)

Lindsay Wallace “The Rise of Eurocurrency and the Regulation of International Banking” (1991-1992)

David Nyheim “European Integration and Security Issues” (1991-1992)

Perry Douglas “East Asian NICs and Africa: Rent-Seeking Factors” (1991-1992)

Christian Dinwoodie “Economic Sanctions in Practice” (1991-1992)

Peter Waisberg “Reciprocity as a Principle in Trade” (1991-1992)

Jessica Rouleau “East Asian NICs as Examples for African Development” (1990-1991)

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Internships (since 2004-05)

Christopher Ciafro (2016-2017)

Eric Krol (2016-2017)

Lauren Roy (2015-2016)

Kamila Maclean (2015-2016)    

Clement Juhlia (2015-2016)

Ipek Ertan (2015-2016)

Katie Abbott (2013-2014)

Mathieu Taschereau (2013-2014)

Antoine Got (2013-2014)

Daniel Stysis (2013-2014)

Alexander Gardinier (2012-2013)

William Debost (2012-2013)

Daniel Novick (2012-2013)

Noteh Krauss (2012-2013)

Doron Lurie (2012-2013)

Antoine Tardif (2012-2013)

Alexandra Prieur (2011-2012)

Devon LaBuik (2011-2012)

Alexis Schreier (2011-2012)

Natasha Bach (2011-2012)

Elena Ponte (2010-2011)

Vincent Di Sciullo (2010-2011)

Marie Leaf (2010-2011)

Anguelita Koleva (2009-2010)

Monica Narula (2008-2009)

Mariana Perez-Levesque (2008-2009)

Tatiana Neviginsky (2008-2009)

Aleah Loney (2008-2009)

Danielle Monaco (2007-2008)

Emilie Jessula (2007-2008)

Elizabeth Caldwell (2007-2008)

Allison Scully (2007-2008)

Ran Yang  (2007-2008)

Aslihan Tuncer (2006-2007)

Julie Needler (2004-2005)