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Ph.D. in political science, University of California, Los Angeles, December 1989 

M.A. in political science, University of California, Los Angeles, June 1985 

B.A. in political economy of industrialized societies, with honors, University of California, Berkeley, June 1982


Areas of Specialization

International Political Economy
Comparative Politics (with an emphasis on North America and Western Europe) 
Ph.D. Dissertation: Challenging Hegemony



Political Economy and Grand Strategy: A Neoclassical Realist View, Routledge, 2010

Power, Money & Trade [expanded and revised edition of Turning Points, 1998], Broadview Press, 2005

The Politics of Globalization, Broadview Press, 2003

Alliance Politics, Kosovo and NATO’s War: Allied Force or Forced Allies?, edited with Pierre Martin, Palgrave, 2001

Afterglow or Adjustment? Domestic Institutions and the Responses to Overstretch, Columbia University Press, 1999

Turning Points: Decisions Shaping the Evolution of the International Political Economy, Broadview Press, 1998

Liberal Leadership: Great Powers and Their Challengers in Peace and War, Cornell University Press, 1993


Articles or Chapters

““And we would have the field”: U.S. Steel and American Trade Policy, 1908-1912,” Business and Politics 19 (3) September 2017, 424-453.

"Analytical Liberalism, Neoclassical Realism, and the Need for Comparative Cases,” Oxford Encyclopedia of Empirical International Relations Theory, edited by William R. Thompson, 2017

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"Regime-Types, Markets, and War: The Importance of Pervasive Rents in Foreign Policy,” Comparative Political Studies 26 (2), July 1993, 178-197


Other Publications

Book Review of The Politics of Global Regulation (edited by Walter Mattli and Ngaire Woods), in
Perspectives on Politics 8 (2), June 2010: 716-717

Book Review of Everyday Politics of the World Economy (edited by John Hobson and Leonard Seabrooke) in International Journal LXIII (4), Autumn 2008, 1064-1066

Book Review of From the Corn Laws to Free Trade (by Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey) in Journal of Economic Literature 45 (4), December 2007, 1078-1080

Book Review of Economic Nationalism in a Globalizing World (edited by Eric Helleiner and Andreas Pickel) in Perspectives on Politics 4 (1) March 2006, 227-228

Book Review of Who’s Afraid of the WTO? (by Kent Jones), in International Journal, Spring 2005, 590-592

Book Review of Globalization/Anti-Globalization (by David Held and Anthony McGrew), in Canadian Journal of Political Science 36 (5), December 2003, 1124-1125

Book Review of The Meanings of War and Peace (by Francis Beer), in Perspectives on Politics 1 (1), March 2003, 226-227

Book Review of The Art of the Feud (edited by Jose Ciprut), in International Studies, 56 (2), Spring 2001, 363-364

Book Review of Power Ties: Economic Interdependence, Balancing, and War (by Paul Papayoanou), in American Political Science Review 94 (2), June 2000, pp. 517-518.

Book Review of The Myth of the Global Corporation (by Paul N. Doremus, William W. Keller, Louis Pauly, and Simon Reich), in Canadian Journal of Political Science 32 (1), March 1999, pp. 186-187.

Book Review of Interests, Institutions, and Information (by Helen V. Milner), in Political Science Quarterly 113 (3), Fall 1998, pp. 524-555.

Book Review of The Wilsonian Impulse: U.S. Foreign Policy, the Alliance , and German Unification (by Mary N. Hampton), in American Political Science Review 91 (3), September 1997, pp. 780-781.

Book Review of When Opponents Cooperate (by Benjamin Miller), in International Journal 52 (2), Spring 1997, pp. 373-376.

Book Review of Democracy, the Environment and Human Rights in the Developing World: The New Internationalism (edited by Marie Berryman and Bruce Mabley), in Canadian Foreign Policy 1 (3), Fall 1993, pp. 167-168.

The Role of Central Banks in Cycles of Hegemony: Testing the Afterglow Hypothesis,” McGill Working Papers in Political Science, January 1993.


Research Grants and Fellowships:

SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2004-2007

FQRSC Team Grant (one of four investigators) 2004-2006

Security & Defense Forum: Université de Montréal-McGill Joint Research Group in International Security, 1996-2006

FCAR Team Grant, with Hudson Meadwell, 1998-2001

FCAR New Researchers Grant, 1995-1998

Grant from Cooperative Security Competition Program, DFAIT, with T.V. Paul, for Workshop on Grand Strategy and International Security, 1992-1993

McGill Travel Grants: September 1992, April 1992, September 1990

Graham Fellowship, Department of Political Science, UCLA, 1987-1988

Departmental Fellowship, Department of Political Science, UCLA, 1983-1984


Papers Presented

“Analytical Liberalism vs. Neoclassical Realism: American Foreign Policy Under Franklin D. Roosevelt,” International Studies Association Meeting, Baltimore, February 25, 2017

"Responsibilities and Reactions: Europe's Role in the Recent Financial Meltdown," European Union Centres of Excellence Network Meeting, Ottawa, January 30, 2009

“American Responses to Rising Regional Powers: Guided by Grand Strategy or Muddling Through?” First Regional Powers Network Conference, German Institute for Global and Area Studies, September 16, 2008

"Balancing, Buck-passing and Bismarck: The Hardening of Alliances in the 1890s," Université de Montréal, April 3, 2008

"Liberalism, Neo-Realism and the Hamiltonian Solution," International Studies Association Meeting, San Francisco, March 26, 2008

“Party Platforms, the Tariff and Gold: The Intersection of Economic Interests in the 1890s," IPES Meeting, Stanford University, November 9-10, 2007

"Strategic Calculations in a Permissive Environment: A Neoclassical Realist Approach to Balancing in the 1930s," ISSA/ISAC Meeting, Montreal, October 19, 2007

"Riding Out the Waves: Political Competition, Trade-Based Coalitions and Democracy," Conference on Globalization and Democracy, Niehaus Center, Princeton University, September 28-29, 2007

"Political Reactions to Globalizing Trade: Trade Adjustment in Europe, 1870-1914," ECPR General Conference, Pisa, September 8, 2007

"Adjustment, Ambiguity and Policy Interventions: A Political Approach to the Politics of Trade," IPES Meeting, Princeton University, 2006

"Structural Adjustment, Development, and Democracy,” co-authored with Nicole Baerg, 2006 International Studies Association Meeting, San Diego

“Realism and Balance of Power Theory,” 2005 International Studies Association Meeting, Honolulu

“What Is It Worth? Economic Policy and the Election” to the Colloquium: Presidentielles 2004, sponsored by CERIUM/CEPEA, October 26, 2004

“Choosing the Form of Democratic Institutions: An Empirical Analysis of Competing Explanations,” with Imad Mansour, 2004 International Studies Association Meeting, Montreal

The Rise of the Trading State Revisited,” Conference on Globalization, Security, and the Nation-State, Ankara , Turkey (ASAM – Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies), June 16-17, 2002

“Implementing Security in an Interdependent World,” Conference on European Security Issues, Atlanta , Georgia (Georgia Tech -- Center for European Studies), April 12, 2002

“Economic Interests versus Balancing: The Logic of American Leadership” at Conference on the Balance of Power, McGill University , May 17-18, 2002

“Domestic Institutions and the Formulation of Interests: Accounting for the International Behavior of Democracies,” 2001 American Political Science Association Meeting, San Francisco

“Protection or Inflation? Politicians, Farmers’ Demands, and Forms of Agricultural Relief in the late Nineteenth Century” (with Hudson Meadwell), 2000 International Studies Association Meeting, Los Angeles

“Balancing Acts: NATO’s Unity and the Lessons to Learn” (with Pierre Martin), 2000 International Studies Association Meeting, Los Angeles

“Tariffs, Taxes and Transportation: The Politics of Agricultural Relief,” 1998 American Political Science Association Meeting, Boston

“Liberal Leadership and the Rise of China ,” Symposium on Emerging Governance? Inter-State Cooperation in an Age of Global Challenges, Hohenheim University , Stuttgart , June 4-5, 1998

“Rents and Regime-Type,” 1998 International Studies Association Meeting, Minneapolis

“Globalization, Democratization and the Paradoxical Future of Economic Sanctions,” Conference on International Order in the Twenty-first Century, McGill University , May 16-18, 1997 , Montréal

“Economic Coercion by a Power in Relative Decline: Why Sanctions May Be More Effective as Hegemonic Leadership Ebbs,” 1996 International Studies Association Meeting, San Diego

“International Regimes as Mechanisms for International Emulation: The Gold Standard and Central Banks,” 1995 Canadian Political Science Association Meeting, Montréal

“Economic Internationalization and the Internationalization of Canadian Telecommunications Policy” (written with Rick Schultz), Conference on theInternationalization of Canadian Public Policy, Carleton University, School of Public Administration, May 26, 1995, Ottawa

“Hegemony and Liberal Leadership in the International System,” Université de Montréal, April 4, 1995 , Montréal

“Overhangs, Afterglows and Adjustment: Central Banks in Hegemonic Decline,” 1994 American Political Science Association Meeting, New York

“Building Hegemony: Domestic Market Integration and International Ascendance,” 1994 International Studies Association Meeting, Washington , D.C.

“The Role of Central Banks in Cycles of Hegemony: Testing the Afterglow Hypothesis,” 1992 American Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago

“Regime-Types, Markets and War,” 1992 International Studies Association Meeting, Atlanta

“Challenging Hegemony: German Grand Strategy After Bismarck ,” Speaker Series on Commerce and Liberty ? German Historical Development in Comparative Perspective (Sponsored by McGill University Department of Sociology and DAAD), March 20, 1992, Montréal

“Challengers, Supporters and Ambivalent Powers: How Hegemony Shapes Alliance Formation and the Conduct of Major Wars,” 1990 American Political Science Association Meeting, San Fransisco

“Institutional Innovation and Hegemonic Ascendance: The Creation of the Bank of Amsterdam ,” 1989 American Political Science Association Meeting, Atlanta

“The End of the Netherlands ’ Golden Age: Hegemony, Decline, War and Hegemonic Transition,” 1987 American Political Science Association Meeting, Chicago

Other Conference Participations (as Discussant, Chair, or on a Roundtable):

Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal, 2011
Emerging Powers in Global Financial Governance, Transatlantic Academy, Jan. 2011
Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2009
Regards Croisés sur l’Union européene qui se fait, October 2006
Neo-Classical Realism and the State, Montreal, May 2006
ACFAS, Montreal, May 2006
Conference on International Governance, University of Hohenheim, June 15-16, 2000
Security & Defence Forum Annual Conference, Ottawa, 2000
Conference on “L’Europe occidentale après le conflit du Kosovo,” UQAM, 2000
Conference on “Allied Force or Forced Allies? NATO & Kosovo,” Harvard, 1999
Security & Defence Forum Annual Conference, Ottawa, 1999
Security & Defence Forum Annual Conference, Ottawa, 1998
Meeting of the International Studies Association, Minneapolis, 1998
Meeting of La société québecoise de sciences politiques, Montréal, 1996
Conference on Nuclear Weapons in a Transformed World, Montréal, 1995
Conference on International Relations and Ethnic Conflicts, Montréal, 1994
Meeting of Canadian Political Science Association, Charlottetown, 1992

Teaching Experience

Winner of the McGill Political Science Students Association Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2016

Professor, McGill University, July 2001 to the present.
Visiting Professor, Harvard University, July 2000 to June 2001.
Professor, McGill University, July 1999 to June 2000.
Associate Professor, McGill University, July 1995 to June 1999.
International Summer School in Political Science & International Relations, Poland, 1996, 1998.
Assistant Professor, McGill University , January 1990 to June 1995.
Teaching Fellow, UCLA, Summer 1989 (American Constitutional Law -- PS 70).

Past Referee Experience (Presses and Journals)

Broadview Press, Cambridge University Press, Georgetown University Press, Oxford University Press, Pittsburgh University Press, Polity, Princeton University Press, Routledge, Stanford University Press, University of Chicago Press, University of Michigan Press, University of Toronto Press 

African Journal of Political Science and International Relations, American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, Asian Security, British Journal of Political Science, Business & Politics, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Canadian Foreign Policy, Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Canadian Journal of Political Science, Comparative Political Studies, Development Southern Africa, Global Governance, International Interactions, International Finance, International Journal, International Organization, International Political Science Review, International Security, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Review, Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Politics, New Political Economy, Politique et Sociétés, Review of International Political Economy, Security Studies, World Politics 


Past Referee Experience (Agencies)

Belgian Science Policy Office (individual grants)

Canada Council (Killam Awards)

FCAR/FQRSC (individual grants and committees)

Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order

Polish Foundation for Science (individual grants)

SSHRC (individual grants and committees) 

Volkswagen Stiftung (individual grants)

Foreign Language Skills

French -- fair speaking and good reading abilities (39 credits at Berkeley and UCLA)

German -- fair speaking and good reading abilities (22 credits at Berkeley and UCLA)

Dutch -- some speaking and good reading abilities (12 credits at UCLA)

Memberships in Professional Organizations

American Political Science Association
Canadian Political Science Association
International Studies Association

Administrative Duties and Activities


Editorial Board, Canadian Journal of Political Science, 2012-2015

Editorial Board, Politics and Governance, 2012-2017

Member, Industrial Relations Program Committee, 2012-2013

Member, Appointments Committee (International Relations), 2012-2013

Member, Institute of Islamic Studies, Cyclical Review Committee, 2012

Member, Trudeau Graduate Student Fellowships Committee, 2010

Member, Statutory Selection Committee, Fall 2010-Winter 2011

Member, University Tenure Committee, Fall 2010-Spring 2014

Campus Organizer, EU Study Tour, 2009-2014

Member, Garmaise Prize Committee - Dept. of Political Science, 2011

Chair, Jervis-Shroeder Book Award Committee (APSA, IHAP Section), 2009

Member of Appointments Committee (International Relations), 2008-2009

Vice Chair, University Committee on Student Discipline, 2008-2009

Co-Director, Institute for European Studies, 2008-2009

Member, Review Committee for Research Chairs, Faculty of Arts, 2007-2009

Member, University Committee on Student Discipline, 2005-2008

Member, Arts Internship Awards Committee, 2006-2013

Faculty of Arts Space Committee, 2006-2007

Member of Appointments Committee (International Relations), 2006-2007

Departmental Exchanges and Internships Advising, 2004-2009

Department Chair, 2003-2004

Director of Graduate Studies, Political Science Department, 2001-2002

Public Education Committee, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, 2001-2004

Faculty of Arts Planning Committee, 1999-2000, 2001-2002

Member of Appointments Committee (International Relations), 2001-2002

McLennan Library Advisory Committee, 1999-2000

Member of Appointments Committee (Political Theory), 1999-2000

Majors Adviser (A-M), 1995-1996, 1998-1999

Majors Adviser (A-Z), 1994-1995

Majors Adviser (A-L), 1993-1994

Faculty of Arts Curriculum Committee, January 1995-June 1995, January 1996-June 1996, September 1997-June 1998, January-May 2016, 2017-2018

Faculty of Arts Scholarship Committee, 1993-1996

Member of Appointments Committee (Canadian Politics), 1993-1994

Member of East Asian Studies Program Committee, 1990-1996

Member of the Ph.D. Admissions Committee, 1991-1994, 1997-1998

Coordinator of the Departmental Speakers Program, 1990-1993

Member of Appointments Committee (IR and Comparative Developing), 1990-1991

Member of the M.A. Admissions Committee, 1990

IR Field Coordinator, 1995-1996, 1997-1999, 2006-2007, 2011-2013

Member of Comité Scientifique, Globe (Revue de Recherche et d'Etudes Universitaires en Science Politique) 1996-1999